Notes about Publish 70, Tour, Map of New Magincia, Chance Encounter with Lady Mesanna, No Vendor Search

Publish 70 is now live, and the client patches have been released. The first thing I noticed – a 92MB patch for the EC. This is only part 1 – I’ve got quite a bit more to bring you, but have to step out for a bit. The second thing I noticed, there were no NPC shops, other than the Inn and the Fishing and Shipwright’s guild, plus the bank.

I was lucky enough, along with quite a few others, to run into Lady Mesanna, Associate Producer for UO. Phoenix, the Lead Designer for UO, was also on hand, answering a few questions. Among those answered – there will be a pet bonding gate installed in New Haven, and according to Phoenix, the idea of a way to search vendors has been discussed, but is not currently being pursued.

Ultima Online - New Magincia

For more on New Magincia, which is the focus of this publish, see Map of New Magincia, Housing Details Released. There is a map of all of the plots below. I’m going to have to seriously revise that post, because there is nothing outside of the bank, Fishing Guild, and the Inn. I’m also going to have to seriously redo the Magincia map below because it’s way too busy.

Ultima Online - New Magincia - Housing Lottery Plots

To me, E-3, SW-1, and SE-1 really stand out. E-3 has a great view and SE-1 and SW-1 are probably the best locations for being near everything else.

This is E-3, and it’s also where I ran into Lady Mesanna, who introduced us to Phoenix, the Lead Designer for UO:

Ultima Online - New Magincia

What’s it like to buy a ticket for the lottery? You are buying a ticket for each plot and it looks like you could buy tickets for every single plot.

Ultima Online - New Magincia Housing

Areas that are “Under Construction” look like this:

Ultima Online - New Magincia, Construction

That’s probably going to be a part of the vendor bazaar.

I’m new to the Enhanced Client, but I noticed that this may have popped up with the EC update:

Ultima Online - New Magincia

Now that could be a part of Pinco’s UI for the EC, since I’m also playing around with it.

Here is what it looks like when you plant a seed after using a hoe (this is not my character):


Later on, I had a couple of crashes/freezes, but it’s on Test Center, so hard to say what the blame is. I am running UO under CrossOver Games for Mac OS X, but outside of a rare client crash that affects Windows users as well, never had a problem. I’m not going to worry about it. I know of a couple of other players running UO under CrossOver or VMWare/Parallels Desktop and I’m going to ask them to try and replicate it.

Keep an eye out for new items – remember, we will know the mini-booster pack when we see it, according to the UO House of Commons we recently had. The exact words were “When you see the new items, you’ll probably see the new booster at the same time ” and given how hefty the client patches are, we might be getting a glimpse of it.

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