Death of Queen Dawn – From Nearly the Start to the Finish

So here you have it, from nearly the start where Queen Dawn speaks to us, to her death, to the fight with Virtuebane, to after Virtuebane had left and we were sent off to obtain a tombstone.

This was recorded on Lake Superior, on February 15, 2011, at around 8pm – 9:30pm Central.

I will try to work up a transcript. I did not catch all of Queen Dawn’s speech I believe, because this was a pretty spur of the moment thing. Because it was rushed, that’s partly what led to the lower resolution video and no audio.

Again, I apologize for taking so long on it, especially to EMs Aname and Autolycus.

I’ve been very busy and just now found the time to go through everything and to try and get YouTube to accept it at a higher resolution. Unfortunately I didn’t record it in a high enough resolution and so you are stuck with 480p. The original video was nearly in HD – close to 900×600, but YouTube makes a big jump from 480p to 720p and there isn’t an in-between. I’ve made a note of this for future events and will work to ensure that video is captured in at least 720p, if not 1080p. I’ve also made a note NOT to be using voice chat with other players while recording on the same computer as it was interfering with the audio recording of the event. There is no audio at this point. I was tempted to take the music from my Ultima IX soundtrack and add as a background, but I’m not comfortable with that as far as copyright, etc. In the future there will be audio, so it will not be a problem.

Speaking of 480p, if you are not familiar with YouTube, once you start playing the video, right underneath the progress indicator/red bar, you will see either 240p, 360p, or 480p – if you don’t see 480p, click on the 240p or 360p and select 480p.

There are six parts to it. Dawn is murdered in part 3. They are split up because I was trying different ways to capture the video and encode it for YouTube, and because YouTube has limitations on the length of video. In the future they will be solid 10-minute segments with proper transitions.

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