Stuck, Can’t Link or Access Accounts or Change Anything?

So you’re stuck. Having problems linking your accounts, having problems with payment information, having problems just accessing your accounts.

There seems to be two solid options: is one option. I’ve used them in the past, and they can be quick, but they may not be fully familiar with MMO subscriptions, it just depends on who you get.

However, Jirel of Joiry on seems to have found a solution that is just as good or better:

Call 1-866-543-5435 choose option 6 (yes i know it says DAOC & WAR) they understand the new system.

They will try to link it from their end and if it won’t link, like the one account I have that won’t link. They will have someone higher up fix it Monday.

They are very nice. Just be really nice to them too, cause they’ve been swamped with the migration…

Do keep in mind there might be a wait. Remember, Dark Age of Camelot and Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning players are also going through this migration.

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