Stephen Emond Needs UO European and African Information

Stephen Emond, he of the huge “Ultima: The Ultimate Collectors Guide 2012” is on a quest to learn more about some potential European releases of Ultima Online expansions, as well as Age of Shadows in South Africa.

He posted this on Facebook:

Quest for Knowledge – European History

Over the years UO was released in MANY different countries. While the majority of them received some form of localization, others were direct imports. There are a number of European countries that EA specifically marketed various UO releases to, but information on them is lacking. The following were most likely direct imports from the UK, USA, or Asia-Pacific; but when you consider the localized Ultima releases from Greece, Czech Republic, Slovenia, etc anything is possible. What I’m looking for is confirmation on whether these releases were localized or not (and if not which region the import came from):

Third Dawn:

Lord Blackthorn’s Revenge:
Norway, Sweden, Denmark & South Africa

Age of Shadows:
South Africa

Samurai Empire:
France, Denmark, Poland & Australia

8th Age & 9th Anniversary

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