A Survey of the UO Internet Community

So what is a survey of the UO internet community? It’s exactly what it sounds like – a survey of the various websites that comprise the UO internet community as well as the community itself. Eventually, I plan on moving parts of it over to UO Guide, although UO Guide has most of the links covered.

What I’m focusing on is activity for the most part and how easy it is to find useful information and websites. I’m not looking for some obscure site that hasn’t been updated in 10 years, I’m looking for people who are actively contributing in some way. I am not categorizing every single UO website that has ever been created – that’s something I’ll help UO Guide with, but not here.

Now why am I doing this? I’m curious about the state of the UO community. I like to read and follow UO websites. I’m partly doing it to provide a bit of a benefit to the community, and to finally start contributing more to UO Guide and possibly other websites. Finally, I’m doing it to prove a point about new players. That point is that for a new player, it would be hard for them to discover quite a few of the websites below, even though those websites might contribute to that player sticking around. A few hours of work on UOHerald.com would rectify the situation.

I know there are many websites that I’m missing, and I’m hoping people will use the simple contact form with those links, send an email to uojournal at gmail.com, or contact me through the UO Guide forums.

I’d like to hear what people think the community is missing, if they think it’s missing anything. I feel that it is missing a lot, but I’ll post about that later. For now, I want to help get the ball rolling.

Two quick notes:
* The links below are mostly in alphabetical order – there is no preference shown. Where they are not in alphabetical order, they are grouped in some other way.
* Only active links are shown, except for exceptions that I feel still provide some value.
* Yes, many of these are at the UO Guide Portal, however I’m only trying to cover active websites.
* I’m not making a distinction between official fansites and unofficial fansites. There are plenty of listed fansites that are no longer active, and there are fansites that are not officially recognized (UOJournal.com is not an official website – I have not tried to apply for that designation yet).

Official Websites
* Origin.com – Purchase Stygian Abyss,
* Account Management
* UOEM.net UO Event Moderator website (see UO Guide for an index)
* UO Facebook
* UO Game Codes Store
* UO Herald – Main UO Website
* UO Japan
* UO Twitter

* UO Forums
* UO Stratics Forums
* The Lost Lands
* Forums at MMORPG.com

General News and Guides
* UO Guide
* UO Journal
* UO Stratics

Non-English, Non-Japanese Communities
* Le Wips Argente (JeuxOnline) (French)
* PlayUO.net (Chinese)
* Ultima-Ru.com (Russian)

Japanese Communities
* Britain.sakura.ne.jp (Britiannia Bibliothek) (Japanese)
* Calanthe (Japanese)
* Full Moon (Japanese)
* Licht & FLIP Detective Office (Japanese – Sakura)
* Necropara.blog7.fc2 (UO Diary) (Japanese)
* Shiro-Buta’ Doh (Japanese)

Technical Aspects
* Andrea’s Ultima Online Page – Very interesting information about artwork
* Castles and Courtyards – Decoration, House Customization
* Pinco’s UI – EC Community (forums) (Enhanced Client)
* UOAssist (Classic Client)
* UOCartographer (UO.Stratics.com Thread) (Classic Client)
* UO Home Decor
* UltimaXBar Browser add-on

Specialty Websites
* The Fishing Council of Britannia
* Knuckleheads.dk (Drachenfels) (Tools, Imbuing)
* Ultima Online Adventurer’s Guide – Maps
* UOCraft.com – Merchants, Crafters, Tamers, Related Tools
* Ultima Online Travelogues (Inactive)
* Ultima Online Roleplaying Community

Humor and Character Adventures
* Lord Raven of Minoc – Tales from Sosaria
* Online Game Tales – Evil Lord SMuRFY
* Sosarian Tales (Inactive)
* UO Thief

Shard-specific Websites
* The Ancient Order of Elves (Pacific)
* Atlantic Roleplay Community Boards
* Banishers of Evil (Lake Superior)
* Citizens of Wispwood Shire (Siege Perilous)
* Europa History (and Events) (Europa)
* Gilfane (Siege Perilous)
* The Golden Brew (Baja)
* Hot-Guild.com (Hot) (Atlantic)
* Knuckleheads.dk (Drachenfels)
* Order vs Chaos (Catskills)
* PaxLair Times (Chesapeake)
* People’s Army of Sonoma (Sonoma)
* Severed Heads Orcs (Europa)
* The White Council (Siege Perilous)

Podcasts / Radio
* UO Insider (temporarily inactive)
* Whispering Rose Radio

* Official BioWare Forums
* Ultima Aiera
* Ultima Forever
* Ultima Forever – Twitter