Publish 70 – New Housing Tile Sets – Gothic and Board and Batten, Virtue Tapestries

After seeing some of the changes that were mentioned in previous Client updates as well as today’s client update, I decided to pull the tiles themselves out and assemble them so that others can see.

I would give a spoiler warning, but why start at this point?

Now I’ll tell you right now that I maybe wrong on the Board and Batten set, but I’m confident that the Gothic house tiles and the virtue banners are accurate. I did check the Board and Batten against existing sets within the Classic Client since that is where these tiles are pulled from, and did not see any resembling them within the housing customization tool, but it’s possible these are used elsewhere in the game and not meant for player housing. It would be interesting if this was used for New Magincia.

As for the rustic bench and the advanced training dummy, if somebody else wants to get a headache pouring through 1000s of tiles, drop us a line or send us a link and we’ll link to it. I took a few glances through and saw one or two that might have been related, including what could have been a dummy with gears, but I’ll wait for others to verify it.

Board and Batten – Housing Tile Set
Ultima Online - Housing tile - Publish 70 - Board and Batten Tile Set.

Gothic (the fully assembled window is a bit rough and that’s my doing)
Ultima Online - Housing tile - Publish 70 - Gothic

Virtue Banners
Ultima Online - Publish 70 Virtue Banners

Click on the above images to see larger versions at flickr.

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