Arena Combat System in Testing for UO

Better late than never! A while back it was announced that there would be an arena combat system coming to UO in some form. It was obviously delayed due to the many bigger things happening this year, but it’s happening, and it’s in testing on the TC Arena Test:

There’s a new Test Center in town: TC Arena Test. This is a special rule set shard for testing a new Arena Combat system.

When an arena match starts, the participants have a short time to enter the red moongate that takes you into the arena. Players will have their movement restricted within the area until the match starts. Gladiators who die in an arena match will be transported outside of the arena and resurrected immediately. Once you die in a match, you cannot re-enter that match!

Full Story with directions and screenshots: UO Herald

Keep in mind that to transfer characters, you login with that character, find a safe spot to logout, but don’t logout – open the help menu and select Character Copy.

I only played with it for a few minutes, but looks good so far. I’d recommend you all try it out, even if you’re not a PvPer.

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