Is UO Getting a Community Relations Boost?

Dave Crooks posted an article on the UO Herald about EverQuest joining Ultima Online in the GDC Hall of Fame this week.

I’ve played EQ, glad to see it join UO in the Hall of Fame, but that’s not the big story here.

Dave Crooks has never posted on the UO Herald before.

According to LinkedIn, Dave Crooks is a “Web Journalist” for “BioWare Mythic” since April of 2011.

Not BioWare (which would imply Star Wars: The Old Republic), no “BioWare Mythic”. Now Dave has posted quite a bit on the official Dark Age of Camelot website, and a few things on the Warhammer Age of Reckoning website, mostly within the past few months.

But this marks the first time he’s posted on the Herald.

Welcome Dave, hope to see you post a lot more.

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