A Comment on the Decay of Town / City Loyalty

There is a heated Stratics thread.

Just to give an all-too-brief background (and it’s way too brief because my spare time is devoted to another UO project), as part of the ongoing story arc, you need to acquire city or town loyalty.

For a full explanation of city loyalty, see the UO Herald page or the loyalty part of The Awakening at UO Guide.

Current Rewards
Is it useful? Besides trying to engage the players and give them a geographical sense of belonging, the current reward is a spiffy looking city banner that you can display in your house showing your allegiance to whatever town/city you prefer (UO Guide – City Banners).

The thinking is that it will be importan0t later on down the road leading up to the anniversary in September, and the hints we’ve received indicate that town loyalty will play a part, but for now it’s the banner. I certainly don’t think that the loyalty ratings are only for the banners.

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UltimaCodex.com and UOJournal.com Changes, and Happy 20th Birthday to Ultima Underworld




If you haven’t seen the Ultima Codex, then you should see it. It officially launched today.

And a big Happy Birthday to Ultima Underworld – see the Ultima Underworld page at UltimaCodex.com.

What Does That Have to do with UOJournal.com?
Have you noticed I’ve not been posting much lately? I’ve been a little busy. I’m not quite ready to talk about parts of it, but parts of it will be available in the next few weeks.

Serious/community/news stuff is moving to UltimaCodex.com. Soapboxy/Rant/Humor stuff is staying here at UOJournal.com. I’m working out how to move stuff over without any penalties within Google, but there you have it.

So UOJournal.com will continue on, it’ll just be on a diet. Some of the new stuff that will be UO-related on UltimaCodex.com actually relates to what I wanted to do on UO Journal, and other (cool) people in the UO community who are working on this have some interesting things to add as well on the UltimaCodex.com side of things.