Test Center 1 Update (Publish 69)

It’s only been a few days since Test Center Received Publish 69, and we now have some updates to the code.

The updates will be available shortly if you wish to test them out, on Test Center 1.

Updates: Abandon Ship
* Harbormasters now have a context menu option that allows you to abandon your current ship.
* Abandoning your ship will cause the ship to decay within 5 minutes if there are no players on the ship.
* Once your ship has decayed you will be able to place a new one.

Bug Fixes
* Fixed issue where fishmonger reputation could go below zero
* Corrected the resource production rate on the new veteran reward to once a week
* Players can no longer use ward removal from talismans on themselves to bypass the magic reflect cooldown timer.
* Increased community collection points for crabs and lobster from 1 to 10 each
* Reintroduced the requirement that you be a friend of the house or better before you are allowed to drop items into locked down containers.

Read: UO Herald

Test Center Getting Publish 69 Today – December 6, 2010

Test Center is getting Publish 69 later today.

Highlights include:
* Holiday Gifts
* New vet rewards including Metal Dye Tub for 5th year vets, Rideable Armored Boura for 13 year vets, and unique rugs for 10th year vets.
* Town invasions from followers of Virtuebane
* Snow.
* The Abyss is being fleshed out. Many should appreciate that.
* A whole slew of other changes, including better journal handling for the Enhanced Client.

More information:
Update: Removed information – full Publish 69 information (December 15, 2010)

Read: UOHerald.com

UO ISP Maintenance

There is a brief note posted by James Nichols on UOHerald.com about working being done on the ISP (Internet Service Provider) connections tomorrow (December 7, 2010). The work will occur from 7:30am to 11:30am Eastern.

The two shards that will be affected or unavailable are Test Center and Origin. The client patcher may have availability issues during this time.

Read: UOHerald.com

Update: Everything is done.

Update #2: Looks like it was done ahead of Test Center getting Publish 69.

Shard of the Dead is Going Away

James Nichols, the Community Manager has posted on the UO Herald that the “Shard of the Dead” will be deactivated very soon due to a lack of interest.

So if you haven’t tried it out yet, it’s best that you do so now, and take all of the screenshots and video that you can.

UO Herald

UO Developer UStream Webchat – Live on December 1st, 201

Andy Belford with the community management team, has posted that there will be a live UStream webchat with the Ultima Online development team coming up.

It’s scheduled for Wednesday, December 1st at 7pm Eastern, 4pm Pacific, and will last approximately one hour.

It will be through the official BioWare Mythic UStream channel.

You will to sign up for a UStream account before the event starts if you want to ask questions.

The topics discussed will cover a fairly wide range:
* Veteran Rewards
* Live Story Arc Progress
* Holiday Season Plans
* Stygian Abyss update
* High Seas Fixes
* Fishing

via UO Herald

Update: The archived video is now online in case you missed it. There were technical difficulties.