Event: Siege Perilous – Naval Warfare – Saturday Nov 19

There is a really unique ship-ship PvP event happening on Siege Perilous in just under two weeks, with some nice prices.

It’s going to use cannons and the High Seas booster pack will be required if you want to participate in that aspect of it.

Player Requirements: High Seas Booster Pack and a galleon outfitted with cannons if you want any chance of winning, but feel free to show up in a rowboat to cause mayhem if you’re not upgraded. Other than that no skills required, sign up for someone elses crew to help them out if you don’t have your own ship but want to attend.

What?: This will be a ship pvp event, happening in and around the waters of bucs den. It will consist of teams of no more than 5 players or pets (recommend at least 3) In a shipboard deathmatch. It is not recommended to wear your beast gear for this event, nor should it be necessary. (everyone will probably have more fun if in simple lrc suits or exceptional leather, I just don’t want the event ruined by a whiner who wore 10 artys and got looted, the fight is with cannons anyways so it wont help all that much.)

Date: Saturday, November 19, 1PM PST
Location: Siege Perilous, meeting off Buc’s Den Docks (Sail your ship into the harbor)

I think it’ll be fun and if you’re not busy during that time, you should pay a visit and participate if you can. There are not many large naval engagements.

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Lots Going on With New Magincia, Rubble, and Writs

Messages started popping up on UO.Stratics.com from players who were losing rubble, then this was posted on UO Herald

There is an issue with rubble in Magincia. Please do not lock down your rubble in Magincia until further notice, or it will disappear from your house. We will have a fix for this issue shortly, thank you for your patience.

That has now been addressed and if you lost rubble, you will need to follow these directions, also from the UO Herald:

Deleted Rubble in Magincia

We have researched and discovered the reason Rubble is being deleted in Magincia. This issue will be fixed after your next maintenance on all shards. Until then, please do not do not lock down your Rubble in Magincia.

If you have lost Rubble, please send a list of lost items to barmstrong@ea.com along with your account name (no passwords), shard and your lot number. These items will attempt verified from a back up of your shard and your items will be replaced. Please make sure to lock down a container on your steps if you do not have a mailbox so we can drop these items into it.

When your items are replaced you will receive a confirmation email stating so.

Some shards – Legends, Great Lakes, Catskills, and Siege Perilous, had an issue with the Writs of Lease that were awarded in the New Magincia lottery. Some of the information was wrong, showing “Area 51” among other things on the Writs of Leases. This was also fixed this afternoon:

Update to Monday’s (4/11/2011) Publish

The shards Legends, Great Lakes, Catskills and Siege were taken down this afternoon to fix an issue with the Magincia Lot tickets not identifying themselves correctly. Remember you can not do a character transfer till after the next maintenance on these shards.