UO’s 14th Anniversary: A Look at 2011 (So Far)

Yeah, I’m behind on looking back at UO’s history with the expansions – I’m getting in the attic tomorrow to retrieve some missing things from my Renaissance and LBR boxes, since they weren’t were I thought they were. But I … Continue reading

Publish 70.0.5 for Ultima Online to be Released on All Shards

It was just a few days ago that Publish 70.0.5 went up on the Test Center and it looks like it is about to be available to the rest of us. As I mentioned previously, this is a publish with … Continue reading

Theme Packs / Mini Boosters Available on UOGameCodes.com

You didn’t think they were going to get the theme packs into the UOGameCodes.com store today did you? Well they did, pretty close to midnight my time. The price is $9.99 apiece or $14.99 for both, the same as the … Continue reading

Origin gets Publish 70.4, Theme Packs

Yesterday, Origin received Publish 70.4, which includes the new Mini Booster Packs / Theme Packs: Today Publish 70.4 comes to the Origin shard along with the Enhance Client Patch and the Classic Client Patch The shard will be … Continue reading