UO Herald Interview – Noteworthy Persons – The Yattering

This appears to be a new feature on the UO Herald, an attempt at reconnecting with the UO community.

In this instance it’s the “Noteworthy Persons – The Yattering“, and it’s very much reminiscent of the old days on UO.com when player characters and player establishments were given a lot more importance.

People forget that some of the best content in Ultima Online comes from the players themselves.

I’m not going to post the whole interview – it’s quite long, you can read it at the link above, but it features a character named “The Yattering” on Baja, who is rather fond of Mesanna and has an interesting way of talking, as you can see from the excerpt below:

People seem to either love you or hate you, do you know why that is?
no Mama. yattery adorable! how no lovings me?

Where did you live before you came to Britannia?
yatter was livings in Abyss. they say yattery annoying. big demons toss yattery out.

Where is the rest of your family?
demons throw yattery out. no family but Mama now. yattering have gobliny-friends though. missings Bom Evilstench.

How did you become Mesanna’s Pet?
was bitings knees as faire. bit Mama. Mama bite back. LOVE!

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