Account Center Migration: Official Update

This was just posted to the UO Herald


We are diligently working to resolve all account center transition problems:

At the present time please do not attempt to redeem gametime codes. This was mentioned last week, but we want to make certain all player data and account age issues are sorted before users assign more game time. In the interim, we have protocols in place to make certain houses and accounts do not lapse or go inactive during this time.

6th Character Slot issues should be resolved, if you continue to see these issues please contact in game support

If you have reactivated your account and continue to have login issues, please contact Customer Support at

The veteran reward system is currently disabled.

DO NOT share credit card, billing, or password information on the forums or with other players. Electronic Arts cannot ensure the security of players who openly share this information.

When calling in to customer support request an incident ticket at the time of your call. We’d like to track your customer support experience.

We will notify players immediately when gametime cards may be redeemed, and will continue to make progress toward resolving each players concerns as we move through the week.

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