First Impressions of New Magincia Housing

On my home shard, I feel enough time has passed to start talking about New Magincia. Some of these impressions cover other shards, and I’m planning on writing up an article about other shards after a few weeks have passed … Continue reading

Notes on Recent Client Update with Publish 70, Booster Pack?

Update: Pictures of Gothic house tiles, Virtue Banners Somebody asked me to take a look at some of the recent changes contained within the CLILOC files of the Classic Client, that we haven’t seen yet, or haven’t seen fully. These … Continue reading

The Beginning of the End (EM/VirtueBane Events Coming Up!)

It’s going to be a busy weekend, with plenty of EM events taking place. The Virtuebane story arc, In the Shadow of Virtue, is starting to wrap up, with some shards holding EM events tonight and others through this weekend. … Continue reading

Publish 70 Patch Notes for Origin

The UO devs have been busy working on Publish 70 on the Test Center for the past week, and so some changes have been made as Publish 70 is pushed out to Origin. I’m only going to list the changes … Continue reading