Notes on Recent Client Update with Publish 70, Booster Pack?

Update: Pictures of Gothic house tiles, Virtue Banners Somebody asked me to take a look at some of the recent changes contained within the CLILOC files of the Classic Client, that we haven’t seen yet, or haven’t seen fully. These … Continue reading

Publish 70 Patch Notes for Origin

The UO devs have been busy working on Publish 70 on the Test Center for the past week, and so some changes have been made as Publish 70 is pushed out to Origin. I’m only going to list the changes … Continue reading

Notes about Publish 70, Tour, Map of New Magincia, Chance Encounter with Lady Mesanna, No Vendor Search

Publish 70 is now live, and the client patches have been released. The first thing I noticed – a 92MB patch for the EC. This is only part 1 – I’ve got quite a bit more to bring you, but … Continue reading

Publish 70 on TC1, Classic Client 7.0.13, Enhanced Client 4.0.13

Update: March 31, 2011: * UO Publish 70 notes – Worldwide Release (April 1, 2011) * UO Publish 70 notes – Origin As of now (3pm Eastern, 2pm Central), most of the shards are down and will be for a … Continue reading