Ultima Online Goes Boom – a Bit of St. Patrick’s Day Fun on LS

Rather than continue exploring New Magincia on the Test Center and looking through some of the new things with Publish 70, I took some time out to participate in a St. Patrick’s Day EM event on Lake Superior, that took place in Minoc. It was a lot of fun, only died a few times, and I wouldn’t be surprised if most players heavily involved died at least once. At one point, one of the Guardian leprachauns took down about 10-15 people within 30 seconds.

There was a mongbat that decided to explode in the midst of everything – jump to about 20 seconds into this short video:

I have several videos of the event that I’ll post if there is any interest among LSers. Sorry for the lower quality, still experimenting with some things in the EC.

I’d like to thank the Lake Superior EMs for putting this event on. It appeared to be a well-attended event. I’d also like to thank Lord William Wallace for resurrecting me!

I’ll wrap up my New Magincia coverage tomorrow.

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