UO Team is Looking for Houses up Longer than 10 Years

Once again, something that should be on the UO Herald, is of course not on the UO Herald.

We already had the unannounced 14-day renewal bonus that ended today.

Now we’ve got a thread up on Stratics, where Petra Fyde explains that the UO team is looking for people whose houses are 10 years or older:

Calling all house owners!

Do you have a house that is 10 years old or more? We, in collaboration with the UO Team, want to locate them all.

Mesanna is asking for Vet Houses to step right up! Submit your house information if you have a house placed for 10+yrs to receive in game recognition of your accomplishments!

Fill in our simple form and tell us about it. Where is it? Shard, facet, co-ordinates. Find these with a sextant if you need to. Tell your friends too, we want to find every home 10 years and older on all shards. Help us find them all, Mesanna is counting on us!

Find the ‘information’ page on the house sign, enter the date in the same format as it is shown on the sign

There are a lot of people who do not follow UO-related forums for one reason or another. Come to think of it, they probably don’t follow the Herald, for that matter, but that’s beside the point.

This isn’t a dig on Stratics either, this is a dig on the at times non-existent UO community relations team. In the old days, these kinds of things would be mentioned on UO.com, because that’s the official website for communications. It should also be in the client login screen.

If the Herald was actually updated with this kind of stuff, more people might start following it.

Account Maintenance, Sonoma vs Catskills

Catching up on some news, yesterday, the Account Management Center was taken down for a few hours to fix a few more issues.

Last week, a challenge was issued to Sonoma and Sonoma has accepted a new Cross Shard Treasure Hunt Challenge:

Three days ago we saw a note with a challenge from the people of Catskills to Sonoma. This is the answer we received:

Sonoma graciously accepts your challenge with the battle cry of, “Bring it!”

The Catskills smack down will be held on Test Center on Saturday 9/17 at 6:00 pm PDT (9:00 pm EDT).

See you there!

EM Sangria and EM Eira

May the best team win!

A Note to Sonoma and Britannians Across All Shards

While we wait on Publish 72 details, Catskills and its EMs have laid down a challenge to Sonoma:

Nearly a year ago, Sonoma defeated Chesapeake in the first Cross Shard Treasure Hunt Challenge and have held the title of Champion ever since. We, the people of Catskills, feel it is our obligation – nay, our DUTY to challenge Sonoma and ultimately to defeat them. Representing us in this Challenge will be two teams of Catskills finest adventurers – the Purple Pandas, and our Shard Champions the Blue Beetles!

Thus, we formally declare our challenge to Sonoma, for a contest of bravery and skill to take place on the Test Center between our respective teams. We eagerly await the response of EMs Eira and Sangria.

EM Barnaby, EM Adris, and the Shard of Catskills

via UO Herald

Lake Superior: Luna Summer Festival, August 27th

Update #2: It’s back on, for this upcoming weekend, September 3rd, which is a holiday weekend in the US. Please see the thread at Stratics.

Update: The festival is temporarily suspended for now – keep an eye on here or the Lake Superior forum on UO.Stratics.com for more details.

On August 27th, 2011, there will be a Luna Summer Festival on the Lake Superior shard with a wide variety of events that should appeal to many people.

Keep in mind that these are all subject to change – refer to the Stratics thread linked below for updates.

They could still use about 400 nets.

Date: August 27th, 2011
Location: Luna Fairgrounds, Lake Superior

10:00 am (Central) – Welcome Announcement
10:15 am Crafting Expo

10:30 am Taming Expo for the public
10:30 am Pirate Hunt
10:30 am Naked Dungeon Hunt, starting in Tokuno Mines

11:00 am Best Flower Presentation
11:00 am BagBall 10k Tournament
11:00 am Last Man Standing

11:30 am Bunny Hop (ongoing thorn drop)

12:00 pm Level 7 Treasure Hunts
12:00 pm Capture the Flag in Fel

12:30 pm Flower Contest Winners announced

12:30 pm Archery Contest
12:30 pm Fishing Contest

1:00 pm Ferret/Squirrel/Chicken Races
1:00 pm Horse Races
1:00 pm 1000 Net Toss

1:30 Closing Ceremonies, Fireworks

Ongoing Events
* BBQ Pit, eating
* “Let’s Make a Deal” Tent

Although I need to get in touch with the people setting this up, I have an archery range built with 10 archery buttes laid out.

Full thread at Stratics.

Publish 70.0.5 for Ultima Online to be Released on All Shards

It was just a few days ago that Publish 70.0.5 went up on the Test Center and it looks like it is about to be available to the rest of us. As I mentioned previously, this is a publish with a few bug fixes, that is mainly focused on pushing new content out to the shards, and moving along the Stygian Abyss storyline as well as rounding out the unfinished areas.

These are the publish notes from earlier today:

Publish 70.0.5 will be release to all shards during the next maintenance cycle. These are the complete publish notes:

Publish 70.0.5

Echoes of the Past – Ter Mur Live Event – Phase 1
We are pleased to announce that the Echoes of the Past event will commence shortly within Ter Mur on all shards. The first phase will begin with a quest provided by Queen Zhah herself in the Royal City Throne Room. This quest will take you to a newly opened piece of Ter Mur, and begin to show a glimpse into the history of the Gargoyle kingdom.

We invite you to take part in this story and help save Ter Mur!

Bug Fixes
* Fixed the issue that stopped players from stealing from monsters
* Fixed an issue with Tinkering

News: UO Herald