A Note to Sonoma and Britannians Across All Shards

While we wait on Publish 72 details, Catskills and its EMs have laid down a challenge to Sonoma:

Nearly a year ago, Sonoma defeated Chesapeake in the first Cross Shard Treasure Hunt Challenge and have held the title of Champion ever since. We, the people of Catskills, feel it is our obligation – nay, our DUTY to challenge Sonoma and ultimately to defeat them. Representing us in this Challenge will be two teams of Catskills finest adventurers – the Purple Pandas, and our Shard Champions the Blue Beetles!

Thus, we formally declare our challenge to Sonoma, for a contest of bravery and skill to take place on the Test Center between our respective teams. We eagerly await the response of EMs Eira and Sangria.

EM Barnaby, EM Adris, and the Shard of Catskills

via UO Herald

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