Lake Superior: Luna Summer Festival, August 27th

Update #2: It’s back on, for this upcoming weekend, September 3rd, which is a holiday weekend in the US. Please see the thread at Stratics.

Update: The festival is temporarily suspended for now – keep an eye on here or the Lake Superior forum on for more details.

On August 27th, 2011, there will be a Luna Summer Festival on the Lake Superior shard with a wide variety of events that should appeal to many people.

Keep in mind that these are all subject to change – refer to the Stratics thread linked below for updates.

They could still use about 400 nets.

Date: August 27th, 2011
Location: Luna Fairgrounds, Lake Superior

10:00 am (Central) – Welcome Announcement
10:15 am Crafting Expo

10:30 am Taming Expo for the public
10:30 am Pirate Hunt
10:30 am Naked Dungeon Hunt, starting in Tokuno Mines

11:00 am Best Flower Presentation
11:00 am BagBall 10k Tournament
11:00 am Last Man Standing

11:30 am Bunny Hop (ongoing thorn drop)

12:00 pm Level 7 Treasure Hunts
12:00 pm Capture the Flag in Fel

12:30 pm Flower Contest Winners announced

12:30 pm Archery Contest
12:30 pm Fishing Contest

1:00 pm Ferret/Squirrel/Chicken Races
1:00 pm Horse Races
1:00 pm 1000 Net Toss

1:30 Closing Ceremonies, Fireworks

Ongoing Events
* BBQ Pit, eating
* “Let’s Make a Deal” Tent

Although I need to get in touch with the people setting this up, I have an archery range built with 10 archery buttes laid out.

Full thread at Stratics.

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