UO Publish 70.0.5, Client Updates on UO Test Center

Now that we are moving past the recent Theme Packs publish, we are rapidly moving into something that should appeal to many UO players – work on Stygian Abyss and Ter Mur.

Remember, earlier this year the UO developers said they wanted to move towards shorter, but more frequent events, as well as rounding out Ter Mur, and this looks to be the start of it.

Here are the publish notes:

We are pushing Publish 70.0.5 to TC1 this afternoon and will do a small Client Patch at the same time.

You can find the Patch and Publish notes below:

Publish 70.0.5 – Echoes of the Past – Ter Mur Live Event – Phase 1
We are pleased to announce that the Echoes of the Past event will commence shortly within Ter Mur on all shards. The first phase will begin with a quest provided by Queen Zhah herself in the Royal City Throne Room. This quest will take you to a newly opened piece of Ter Mur, and begin to show a glimpse into the history of the Gargoyle kingdom.

We invite you to take part in this story and help save Ter Mur!

Bug Fixes
* Fixed the issue that stopped players from stealing from monsters
* Fixed an issue with Tinkering

Enhanced Client
* Cliloc updates
* Ter Mur world building update

Classic Client
* Cliloc Updates
* Ter Mur world building update

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