2011 UO Valentine’s Day Publish 69.6

The community relations team has posted the following update, for Publish 69.6 that is going to be pushed out to all shards during the normal shard maintenance windows. This publish went live on Origin yesterday.


Tomorrow, during regularly scheduled maintenance, Publish 69.6 will be released on all shards. Share the love and in the meantime we wanted to share the notes for your reading pleasure, thanks!

Publish 69.6
* Happy Valentine’s Day! Please make sure you check your picnic basket for your Valentines gift. (Note: The gift does not have any properties so please do not buy anything that might state otherwise). Please make sure you sign in before March 9th to get your gift.
* Gypsy camps have been disabled temporarily while we investigate their relation to an issue causing items to be destroyed.

Enhanced Client
* Cliloc updates
* Snow Removal

Classic Client
* Cliloc updates
* Snow Removal

Love it or hate it, the snow is going to finally be gone.

The Cliloc updates are most likely related to the Valentine’s gifts.

Read: UO Herald

UO Journal Note: If that Valentine’s Heart/UO icon looks familiar to you, you’ve been around – it’s from the old Ultima Online website, UO.com, from at least February of 2000.

Publish 69 – Released World Wide Tomorrow

Publish 69 will be released onto all shards tomorrow morning during the normal shard maintenance windows.

It contains, among other things, a number of holiday-related items that need to be claimed before January 25th. Also Thanksgiving Turkeys are being turned off.

Full Publish 69 Details

* Thanksgiving Turkeys will be turned off

Each character will be able selected one of the following items:
* Antique Rocking Horse
* Christmas Tree
* Angel Decoration
* Holiday Fireflies (blinking wall decoration)

Vet Rewards:
* 1st year Dungeon teleporter
* 5th Year Metal Dye Tub
* 10th Year Choice of 3 Oval rugs. The skull and cross bones will give 1 random Treasure chest map each week, The Rose Rug will give one random seed each week, and the Dolphin will give one random MIB each week. (After the first of the year we will be putting out a change to these rugs, we will be adding a gump to pick the direction and adding a smaller size. You will be able to pick between the current size 7×7 or a 3×5)
* 13th year a new rideable Armored Boura.

Virtuebane Town Invasion
* Be aware that Virtuebane will be looking for any weakness. Town criers will give warning when the towns are about to be invaded.

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UO Developer UStream Webchat – Live on December 1st, 201

Andy Belford with the community management team, has posted that there will be a live UStream webchat with the Ultima Online development team coming up.

It’s scheduled for Wednesday, December 1st at 7pm Eastern, 4pm Pacific, and will last approximately one hour.

It will be through the official BioWare Mythic UStream channel.

You will to sign up for a UStream account before the event starts if you want to ask questions.

The topics discussed will cover a fairly wide range:
* Veteran Rewards
* Live Story Arc Progress
* Holiday Season Plans
* Stygian Abyss update
* High Seas Fixes
* Fishing

via UO Herald

Update: The archived video is now online in case you missed it. There were technical difficulties.