Publish 69 – Released World Wide Tomorrow

Publish 69 will be released onto all shards tomorrow morning during the normal shard maintenance windows.

It contains, among other things, a number of holiday-related items that need to be claimed before January 25th. Also Thanksgiving Turkeys are being turned off.

Full Publish 69 Details

* Thanksgiving Turkeys will be turned off

Each character will be able selected one of the following items:
* Antique Rocking Horse
* Christmas Tree
* Angel Decoration
* Holiday Fireflies (blinking wall decoration)

Vet Rewards:
* 1st year Dungeon teleporter
* 5th Year Metal Dye Tub
* 10th Year Choice of 3 Oval rugs. The skull and cross bones will give 1 random Treasure chest map each week, The Rose Rug will give one random seed each week, and the Dolphin will give one random MIB each week. (After the first of the year we will be putting out a change to these rugs, we will be adding a gump to pick the direction and adding a smaller size. You will be able to pick between the current size 7×7 or a 3×5)
* 13th year a new rideable Armored Boura.

Virtuebane Town Invasion
* Be aware that Virtuebane will be looking for any weakness. Town criers will give warning when the towns are about to be invaded.

CoM Headquarters
* Due to all the future plans for Magincia we have built a new home for CoM. The new base is located south of Moonglow. Look for the magical spot in the water.

* Snow has been added all over the world for the holiday season, enjoy the cold!

Stage One of the Abyss Flesh out
* We are starting to fill in the areas in the Abyss that are void of monsters, this is only the start but please check out the Abyss.

Blackrock Stew Recipe Quest
* The Ophidians are attempting to discover the secret to the Bane Chosen’s Blackrock Stew! Will the secret recipe finally be revealed? Allies of the Ophidians are needed to help with the research; you may find the Ophidian cook in the ancient temple in the northern desert of the Lost Lands.

Magery – Magic Reflection
* The magic reflection spell will once again be enhanced to provide additional tactical options in player versus player combat. At this time, any targeted non AOE spell, regardless of its circle, can be reflected (excluding Bards mastery abilities). This change will add variety and additional tactical options when fighting a character who has cast magic reflect. The magic reflection spell decreases the caster’s physical resistance and physical resistance cap, while increasing the caster’s elemental resistances. This spell now works off a pool, if you do not have any reserves left in your pool you only have to cast the spell once to replenish it, If you have reserves in your pool you must cast Magic Reflect once to remove the spell and again to re-add the spell.
* When a player casts magic reflect they will receive a pool of reflection power which is based off of their magery, inscription, and scaled by their magic resistance.
* The level of the spell cast on a target will remove power for the targets reflection pool. The more powerful the spell you cast, the better chance you have of defeating the magic reflection.
* If the spell is not successful in bringing down the magic reflect, the spell will be reflected back to the caster.
* Once a spell is cast that succeeds in depleting the pool of reflection power, it will damage the target. This is true even if the first spell cast successfully breaks the reflect.
* Once a reflect is broken, there is a 30 second delay before the target can cast reflect again to replenish their pool.
* Magic reflection will only be removed thru purging or recasting magic reflection with an active reflection power pool.
* Items of reflection will take 60 seconds to charge.
o After equipping a reflect item there will be a 60 second delay before the reflect is active.
o This will use only one charge from the item.
o The reflect will act in the same manner as if it had been cast by the character wearing the item.
o Once the reflect is broken, the wearer must wait 60 seconds before the item will place another reflect spell.

At GM Lumberjacking players will have a 10% chance for a Lumberjacking damage bonus of 100% from base weapon damage.

Ninjitsu- Death Strike
Reduced Death Strike damage delay to 3 seconds from 5 seconds and increased damage scale based on Ninjitsu skill. Death strike damage capped at 50 verses players.
Detect Hidden Skill (Active Only)

Hidden players who have been detected will not be able to rehide/invis for duration based on their hiding skill or magery skill. Players can now only freely detect hidden criminals, murderers, and other aggressor types.

* Cleansing Winds:
o Now Factors in Curses
o Curse removal no longer based on chance.
o Each Curse Reduces Healing by 3 points + 1% per curse level
o Eg. Curse = Level 4
o Max Heal reduced by 12. Then by further 4%
o Curse Power = the Total levels of all curses in effect
o Max Heal reduced by Poison level
o Poison reduces healing factor by 15% per level of poison.

* Spell Plague:
o Now Triggers only on Spell Damage
o Chance to Trigger is reduced by 3% per 10 points in magic resist above 70
o 30/60/90 -> 21, 51, 81 @ 100 resist -> 15,45,75 at 120 resist
o Base Damage lowered by 3 for each explosion

Abandon Ship
* Harbormasters now have a context menu option that allows you to abandon your current ship.
* Abandoning your ship will cause the ship to decay within 5 minutes if there are no players on the ship.
* Once your ship has decayed you will be able to place a new one.

Bug Fixes (all players)
* Thrown Weapon DCI Penalty for a gargoyle increases as their parrying skill increases. This was not being calculated correctly and has since been corrected. At unmodified 120 Parry players will reduce the DCI penalty to 10%.
* Ship access via party system
* Fishing Power scrolls above 105 made easier to get
* Players can now be a co owner of up to 10 houses
* Grapevines will now work correctly when locked down
* Adjusted the way items inside a locked down container work
* Field Spells should no longer have a chunk missing from them when casted on top of an item/person.
* Natural dyes can now be used on all Talisman
* Potion weight has changed, full potions weight 2 stones and empty bottles weight 1 stone.
* We have added additional loot to the Merchant ships, you will have a chance to get a white cloth dye tub and Liquor/Ale named after the shards (names provided by the EM’s)
* Quivers can now be dyed with Natural Dyes
* Fixed the issue with not being able to re-deed a stag trophy
* The Fisher in the Britain Library now accepts common Lobsters and Crabs as community collection turn-ins.
* Fixed the crafting gump image of match cord and fuse cord in the alchemy crafting gump
* Players can now dye leather footwear and quivers using the white leather dye tub.
* The mana taken to cast Sacred Journey was not consistent regardless of current mana, this issue was fixed.
* Fixed the issue where sails were blocking interaction with cannons and ship pilots.
* Fishmonger quests should be removed from the journals correctly when completing the quest.
* Ship runes will update on log in if the ships name is changed.
* Blue players can now be targeted and attacked by AOE spells, only the targeted blue player will take damage if others are around him/her.
* Fishmonger quest crates cannot be removed from the holds any longer.
* An issue with guild and non guilded access to ships was fixed
* If you were having any issues with Compassion Potions they should function properly now
* Ship recall runes should update correctly with the ship’s name
* Fixed an issue that gave players a permanent +25% damage bonus
* Empty lobster traps will all face the same direction and full ones will face the opposite direction
* Adjusted the drop rate of small blackrock when mining
* Corrected the amount of ingots you got from smelting gargish chaos/order shields
* Stealing from item stacks should no longer cause the items to lose its unique properties.
* Smelting sound should now play only once when using the Smelting Bag
* Pixie costumes will now change you to a pixie instead of a changeling.
* Natural dyes can now be used on Wing armor and leather talons
* Hit Mana Drain/Hit Fatique should now correctly drain 20% of the damage given from the targets mana or stamina
* Netherbolt and Magic Arrow are not longer spammable to the point where there is more than one of these projectiles in flight at the same time. Attempting to fire one of these still awaiting damage from a previous cast of one of the two will cause the spell to fail.
* Faction players will no longer be in the state of stat loss in Trammel
* To remove confusion House Teleporters can no longer be secured by players since they only work when locked down.
* Fixed an issue with the Prism of Light Puzzle getting caught in a unsolveable state.
* Fixed the problem where Navery Nighteyes could spawn in unattackable locations
* Runebook Fix: When a ship rune is set as the default, Sacred Journey will now go to the correct rune instead of the default when activated from the runebook button
* Runes will now correctly update their Ship / Shop / or Normal status when re-marked
* Quest objectives to obtain generic items now used localized text on the Quest Log
* House Security: Friend, Access, and Ban lists may now contain up to 250 members, and the gump functions correctly for items on pages 21+
* Locked down containers with security set to “Anyone” will now allow anyone with access to the house to drop items in. They will NOT be able to retrieve the items unless they are a Friend of the house or higher!
* Polymorphed players killed with AOE spells can report attackers as murders.
* Reducing hit lower attack and hit lower defense proc duration on ranged weapons:
o Currently hit lower attack proc duration is 10 seconds for all weapons; ranged weapons will now have duration of 7.
o Currently hit lower defense proc duration is 8 seconds for all weapons; ranged weapons will now have duration of 5.
* Corrected weapon durability loss chance based on number of weapon attacks
* PVP: Corrected auto-defend mechanic that caused Players victims to become the aggressor.
* Elven Machete now correctly uses weapon ability: Defense Mastery
* Corrected Faction War Horse issues related to casting spells, throwing bolas, nervestrike, paralyze, and riding swipe.
* Corrected damage calculation of special move: Nerve Strike damage is now a little more variable with a chance for zero to ten less damage.
* Ninjitsu – Animal Form – Rabbit form no longer requires 20 skill to attempt.
* You can now make Snake Skin Boots dyeable by using the Item ID skill on them.
* Gargish Dagger now works on dart boards.
* Just like Magery, the casting difficulty when using scrolls for Necromancy, Spell Weaving and Mysticism has been lowered by 2 “levels/circles”.
* Spell Weaving and Mysticism scrolls still require the minimum skill to cast them from a spell book to use. (#Note by me: i.e. success chance increase only, instead of actually make them cast-able with lower skill)
o The duration of polymorph-style spells (e.g. Vampiric Embrace) is now a maximum of 3 minutes when the caster doesn’t have the actual skill required to cast them from a spell book.
o A minimum of 30.0 in both Necromancy and Spirit Speak is needed to cast Summon Familiar now.
* Fixed an issue with Greater Dragons tamed under the effects of buff/debuff spells. This change only affects GD’s tamed after this publish goes live.
* Fixed an issue with altered gargish Mace and Shield Reading Glasses not firing off the HLD property properly.
* Egg Bombs are now stackable.
* Fur Boots can now be dyed using the Leather Dye Tub.
* Fixed an issue with the Display Case not displaying the correct graphics (an edge is missing) when placed next to each other.
* Fixed an issue with T-map guardians spawning in Ter Mur homes.
* The chance to discover a Niter Deposit is now doubled.
* Fuse chords that are attached to a cannon can now be removed.
* Fixed an issue with how Bottle of Ichors can’t be crafted from Darkglow Potions inside a potion keg.
* Added the texts “Requires Stygian Abyss” to SA artifacts.
* Fixed an issue where Pet Summoning Balls cannot be purchased from player vendors using the context menu.
* Fixed an issue with rugs being non-removable from a packing crate.
* Fixed issue where fishmonger reputation could go below zero
* Corrected the resource production rate on the new veteran reward to once a week
* Players can no longer use ward removal from talismans on themselves to bypass the magic reflect cool down timer.
* Increased community collection points for crabs and lobster from 1 to 10 each.
* Reintroduced the requirement that you be a friend of the house or better before you are allowed to drop items into locked down containers.
* Fixed an issue where some metal weapons and armor where not dye-able with the metal dye tub veteran reward.
* Added metal chest to the dye-able item list on the metal dye tub veteran reward.
* House owners can now dye metal items that are locked down using the metal dye tub veteran reward.
* Fixed pinkish color appearing on the new veteran boura mount in the Classic Client
* Fixed issue with colors on certain pieces of equipment in the Classic Client.

Enhanced Client

Journal Saving
* Added new User Setting option “Save Journal to File” for logging journal text to a file (in \logs\chat.log).
* Text logged to the file now append instead of overwrite the file.

Bug Fixes (EC)
* Spellbooks and containers on the hotbar no longer become invisible in the backpack when sailing across a server line.
* Item tooltips will now update properly if the properties of the item change while the tooltip is showing.
* Items will no longer get stuck in the corners of containers in Legacy container view.
* Checkers, Chess, and Backgammon boards can now be used. (Known issue: Mahjong cannot be used.)
* Gold stacks dropped at the bottom in Legacy container view will no longer appear lower than it should be.
* NPC shopkeepers will display correct inventory after an item is sold out.
* Being resurrected quickly after death will no longer get stuck in the grey screen state.

All in all, a pretty exciting publish!

Link: UO Herald

UOJ Note: The two images posted with this article, the UO Santa originally appeared on prior to 2005. The Snow image was from in December of 2006.

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