Ultima Online Publish 69.7 and Client and

Rowland Cox made this announcement earlier today on UOHerald.com about Publish 69.7 as well as the client updates. This publish and the client updates revolve around the rebuilding of Magincia and possibly the upcoming mini booster pack.

It is our pleasure to announce the release of Publish 69.7 to all shards along with the Classic Client Update and Enhanced Client Update

The notes for this update are below, thank you and have fun!

Publish 69.7
* Updates for final live event

Client – Classic and Enhanced
* Cliloc updates

UOJ Note: It’s Enhanced Client

For a little more about the Classic Client updates as well as what Publish 69.7 is moving towards, read Next Booster Pack = Magincia, Plus the Magincia Bazaar. Some of it is also covered in the Breakdown of Last Nights UO Video House of Commons.

Some of the EC files that were updated that I noticed:
* LocalizedStrings.uop
* UOSA.exe

Patches in total were listed as 8481KB by the Patcher.

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