Compassion Dyes, Vet Rewards, and Publish 72

It’s been nearly a week since I last posted, and a few things have happened. Nothing too major – the UO team is still working through Publish 72.

From the UO Herald, Vet rewards are back online (but nothing new just yet) on Origin.

* Publish 72 bugfixes on Test Center

* Mannequin can no longer be placed outside of a home.
* Increased the point value for the Item bless deed
* Changed the name of the item bless deed to bless deed to preserve the rare factor of the original one.
* The Cornucopia will now give points as it should.
* Removed the cooking bonus from the full Fisherman’s set.
* Fixed an exploit with placing Clean up Britannia items in the trash can.

Please note: If you put female gargoyle cloth armor onto a male gargoyle you cannot remove it via the paperdoll. You can remove it by changing the race/gender. This is a classic client bug that will be fixed in the future.

And last but not least, The “Compassion” dyes were pushed out last week:

As announced in a previous news the compassion dyes will be patched into the game this evening. If your character is more than 30 days old and not on a trial account, you will see the dyes in your pack after maintenance.

Some complained about the dyes being only one per shard per account, but it increased the amount of interaction among players as they traded for them, and that’s not all bad is it?

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