Cleaning up Britannia, One Cake at a Time

. UO Pub 72 is in testing on the Test Center, and the Clean Up Britannia program is one of the additions that is being heavily tested. I’ve already posted some of the rewards available for turning in items.

UOGuide has a very comprehensive guide to Clean Up Britannia 2011, assembled by users Gemmie and Cogniac. It’ll show you how many points are available for items that can be turned in. There are a lot of older items that you can turn in for points to apply to new things, such as archery buttes, armor, virtue tiles, and some new house deco items.

Highlights and their reward points include:
* Red Crystallized Essence 25,000 points
* Blue Crystallized Essence 25,000
* 120 Powerscroll 2,500
* A Tattered, Ingeniously Drawn Treasure Map – 1000
* Berserker’s Scythe 10,000
* 300th Anniversary Ball “Ask and thou” 15,000
* Janna’s Hangover Remedy 15,000
* Christmas Statues of Dawn, Katrina etc etc 12,500

Yes, the infamous crystallized essence is worth a lot, the most of any of the turn-in items.

At the bottom of the guide, there is a list of rewards as well. I expect that some of the values and items will change between now and when the publish is pushed out to the prodo shards.

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