Is Jeff Skalski the New Ultima Online Producer? (Updated)

Updated: I asked Jeff directly on Twitter and this was his response: “You found me. ;) Yes, I’m the Ultima Franchise Producer & UO is now one of the projects I’m responsible for. Nice to meet you.”

It’s been two weeks since UO lost its producer. Calvin Crowner was the producer when UO saw the Stygian Abyss expansion released (possibly my favorite expansion), the High Seas booster pack that revamped an area that desperately needed it, as well as the reincarnation of the EM (Event Moderator) program, along with about 20 or so publishes. Big shoes to fill.

Ultima Aiera is running a story about an update to Jeff Skalski’s twitter status.

Namely, Jeff Skalski is now listing himself as a Producer at BioWare Mythic and he claims to be “working on virtuous things

You can follow Jeff on Twitter.

You can now follow UO Journal on Twitter as well.

Now it’s possible that Jeff is working on Paul Burnett’s “secret” Ultima project and given the emphasis on Ultima IV and the virtues…but UO has been without a producer for a few weeks now. Either way Jeff is a producer of something Ultima-related.

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