Origin Getting Publish 69 Tonight

Origin will be getting Publish 69 later on tonight.

It’s scheduled for 11:30pm Eastern/10:30pm Central, and should be up and running by 12:30am EST for the night owls.

There are bug fixes that will be made available as a result of Publish 69 being tested on Test Center.

Bug Fixes
* Fixed an issue where some metal weapons and armor where not dye-able with the metal dye tub veteran reward.
* Added metal chest to the dye-able item list on the metal dye tub veteran reward.
* House owners can now dye metal items that are locked down using the metal dye tub veteran reward.
* Fixed pinkish color appearing on the new veteran boura mount in the Classic Client
* Fixed issue with colors on certain pieces of equipment in the Classic Client.

Read: UOHerald.com

Update: Full list of Publish 69 changes (December 15, 2010)

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