Test Center 1 Update (Publish 69)

It’s only been a few days since Test Center Received Publish 69, and we now have some updates to the code.

The updates will be available shortly if you wish to test them out, on Test Center 1.

Updates: Abandon Ship
* Harbormasters now have a context menu option that allows you to abandon your current ship.
* Abandoning your ship will cause the ship to decay within 5 minutes if there are no players on the ship.
* Once your ship has decayed you will be able to place a new one.

Bug Fixes
* Fixed issue where fishmonger reputation could go below zero
* Corrected the resource production rate on the new veteran reward to once a week
* Players can no longer use ward removal from talismans on themselves to bypass the magic reflect cooldown timer.
* Increased community collection points for crabs and lobster from 1 to 10 each
* Reintroduced the requirement that you be a friend of the house or better before you are allowed to drop items into locked down containers.

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