12 Topics That Would Make a Proper Producer’s Letter

In no particular order, the following is a list of questions I’d like to see the UO/Ultima Franchise Producer answer. To me, the following questions would provide an excellent producer’s letter, not the watered down producer’s letters that we get … Continue reading

Thoughts on the Producer’s Letter, the Top Secret Edition

So we have the January 2012 Producer’s Letter. Producer’s letters are the kinds of things that can give us insight into how a corporation or a studio views a game, and for quite a while, UO’s outlook was pretty bleak, … Continue reading

UO – Big Mention on Massively.Joystiq.com of Producer’s Letter, Not so Favorable Mention of Account Management

Massively.Joystiq.com is one of the largest MMMORPG gaming websites, and earlier today they gave a big mention of UO, specifically concerning Jeff Skalski’s recent letter of introduction: In it, he explains that his goals for the grand-daddy of MMOs include … Continue reading