Check Your Inbox for a Message from Origin – Discounts of 10% – 40% Possible

Check your email for a message from Origin/EA with the subject of “A surprise discount inside – how much will you save?” It’s a Halloween promotion from, EA’s online store, and it includes coupon codes for anywhere from 10% … Continue reading

Additional Notes for Publish 73, Preview of Publish 74

There are additional notes for Ultima Online Publish 73, and along with it, a glimpse at the upcoming high resolution artwork update for Publish 74, which is housing/walls. Additional Notes: Clean up Britiannia Added 4 new pigments – Polished Bronze, … Continue reading

UO Publish 73 – Test Center, Client Patches 4.0.19 and 7.0.19

Courtesy of the UO Herald, and it is massive. It also includes the first of the high resolution artwork updates for the Enhanced Client. Summary/Opinion I made a pretty strong statement yesterday about 3 things to start fixing Ultima Online … Continue reading