Treasure Hunt – Napa Valley vs Catskills

With Sonoma going down, Napa Valley is now challenging Catskills to a cross-shard treasure hunt.

Having defeated Sonoma in the last Cross Shard Treasure Hunting Challenge, the Blue Beetles of Catskills knew they would have to defend their title soon enough. What wasn’t known was just who they would be defending it against. We now have an answer as the shard of Napa Valley has delivered the following challenge to Catskills:

The ages pass and a new power rises from the Myst of the Mountains deep in the Napa Valley! A new voice cries out to be recognized and make their stand! We are Napa Valley and we throw down the gauntlet in a test of wits and stamina of the Cross Shard Treasure Hunt Challenge against Catskills. The Treasure Hunters of Napa Valley boldly stand to take possession of the trophy and bring it Home where it belongs!

In accordance with the rules of competition, the Champions respond:

Challengers of Napa Valley,

Bold words to suggest our trophy belongs with you! Perhaps the Myst of the Mountains has clouded your vision, or the wine of your vineyards impaired your minds; For if you saw clearly the monumental task that lay before you, you would not speak in such confidence! The Blue Beetles will bewilder you with their speed, bedevil you with their skill, and beguile you with their good looks.

Make no mistake – our bravado is well earned. We respect your desire to Challenge, however. Therefor in keeping with the rules of the competition, we accept – and look forward to proving once again that the true “home” for the title is with Catskills.

– Shard Catskills

DATE: Tuesday, November 8th, 2011
TIME: 6:30pm Pacific, 9:30pm Eastern
PLACE: The Chessboard in Nujel’m, Test Center

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