UO Publish 73 – Test Center, Client Patches 4.0.19 and 7.0.19

Courtesy of the UO Herald, and it is massive. It also includes the first of the high resolution artwork updates for the Enhanced Client.

I made a pretty strong statement yesterday about 3 things to start fixing Ultima Online and I still stand by those things. They are not things covered by any single publish. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about, I’m hear to talk about Publish 73, and from reading through it, is very comprehensive and has things for old and newer players alike. I don’t have an opinion yet on the artwork – once I try it out tonight, I will. The Dungeon Shame improvements are, I hope, the first of more upgrades/revisions of existing dungeons. The Shame Itemization Upgrade is interesting and will take a lot of time to study, but it shows an awareness of the confusion that new players have.

Shame Upgrade
Dungeon Shame has been revised. The monsters have been revised to be a little bit more challenging and scaled in difficulty for new-to-veteran players. The shame loot system has been revised so you should notice less items with throw-away intensity values on properties, and an overall improvement in the loot generated.

First and second levels will provide a good training ground for journeyman to adept skill levels while level 3 should provide a little more of a challenge. On the first 3 levels there will be a renowned monster that can be spawned at a key point in the dungeon by summoning from an altar to give you a taste of the monster difficulty at the next level.

All the monsters within the dungeon have a chance to drop dungeon crystals which can be used to spawn the renowned of each level. In certain areas there will also be a chance when killing creatures for a renowned version of those creatures to be spawned. Similar to a paragon but not as friendly.

Level 5: The monsters on level 5 are a bit heavier and harder hitting than the other levels.

Overview of Shame’s purpose
* All new MOBs to thrill and kill!
* Each level more devestating than the last!
* MOB corpses possibly contain Shame Dungeon Crystals
* Shame Dungeon Crystals may be consumed to increase player’s Shame Dungeon Points… or used for whatever.
* Shame Dungeon Points spent on altars in the first three levels of Shame.
* These altars spawn new, tenacious Elite MOBs.
* Collect all three, if you dare!
* Cave Troll Wall Guardians
* You’ve got to pay the Troll Toll if you want to get in the bowels of Shame.
* The price… death.
* Can you clear Shame in just an apron? Few have tried, none have succeeded.

Bard Mastery Adjustments
PvM Damage is now a chance to interrupt based on damage amount
Upkeep Cost Reduced for all abilities.
Mana Cost reduced from 1 for every 2 targets to 1 for every 5 targets
Base Upkeep Cost Reduced by 1
Bonus Damage Modifier: 1 – 15% To ALL Damage
Regeneration Increased from 1- 11 to 1-22
Damage Reduction/Defense Chance Bonus Increased from 1-22 to 1-30
Damage Type now selectable through context menu on spellbook.
Spellbooks without the context menu can be fixed by casting the despair spell once

Alchemy/Enhancement Potions
* Alchemy will now provide a similar functionality to enhance potions as magic resist does to base resistances.
* Combined Enhanced Potions Effect will remain as Alchemy / 3.3 + Enhace Potions = (30 + 75)
* Minimum Enhance potions effect = Alchemy / 2.0 ( 0-50%)

EC Terrain Texture Updates
Some terrain types in the EC client have been updated for scaling and to improve overall detail.

Shame Itemization Upgrade
Coupled with the revamp of Dungeon Shame, Publish 73 introduces a new random magic item generation system. This new system will only create items for monster kills in Shame, and for the lost-and-found items for the Honesty virtue. Loot drops elsewhere in the game world are unaffected, though the plan will be to eventually convert loot drops throughout Sosaria to use this new system.

The new loot generator creates an exciting array of new possibilities:
* Some magic item properties will now appear on types of items they have not been seen on before.
* Many magic items will have negative properties, such as Cursed, Cannot be Repaired, Brittle, and Unlucky. These items will receive more power than standard items to compensate for their disadvantages.
* Some items will be generated with item properties designed to fit a theme and work together. These items will be named.
* Luck will play a significant role in loot generation with this system.

Here are the details:
Any item generated by this new system will have a line near the bottom of its tooltip:
* Minor Magic Item
* Lesser Magic Item
* Greater Magic Item
* Major Magic Item
* Lesser Artifact (this is approximately equivalent to an item Imbued to the max)
* Greater Artifact
* Major Artifact
* Legendary Artifact

The strength of an item generated depends partially on the strength and toughness of the creature killed.

There is a very small chance that a loot drop will be a very powerful item.
* This can happen with weak creatures, but is extremely rare
* This is more likely to happen with stronger creatures
* Luck significantly increases the chance of this happening

Item Strength has these effects on loot generation:
* Weak named items will tend to have fewer than 5 properties, leaving open slots for Imbuing
* Weak random items will generally have 5 item properties at low values
* Stronger items will tend to have 5 item properties
* Extremely powerful items will sometimes have more than 5 item properties
* Weak items tend to not be named, and to have random item properties
* Stronger items have a better chance of being generated as Named Items
* Weaker items have smaller chances of being generated with Disadvantages
* Stronger items have a much greater chance of being generated with Disadvantages

Many item properties generated by this system have more coarse granularity of values:
* For example, Luck only appears in increments of 10
* For example, Skill bonuses only appear in increments of 5

* These appear on items randomly.
* More powerful items tend to receive more disadvantages
* Each disadvantage grants the item significantly more power
* The disadvantages are:
— Item shows “Luck -100” in tooltip
— Item cannot have Luck and Unlucky at the same time
— Provides a small boost to overall item power
— Item is 25 durability. Cannot use Powder of Fortification
— Item cannot have Brittle and Durability at the same time
— Provides a moderate boost to item power
Cannot Be Repaired
— Item cannot be repaired by any means. Cannot use PoF
— Provides a high boost to item power
— Item cannot be insured or blessed
— Provides an extreme boost to item power
* Items that are free of disadvantages can be generated
— Powerful items are very rarely “clean”
— Weaker items are frequently “clean”
* Luck has no influence on the frequency of item Disadvantage generation

Item Generation
* Creatures are assigned a difficulty rating
* When the creature is killed, its Difficulty Rating and the killers’ Luck factor into loot generation
— More difficult creatures generate more items
— Each item receives a Base Item Property Budget
— Each item receive s a Bonus Item Property Budget
— The Bonus property budget may be added multiple times
— The higher the killer’s Luck, the higher the chance of multiple Bonus Budget
* After the item budget is determined:
— The higher the Budget, the more Disadvantage Rolls are made for the item
— Each Disadvantage Roll has a chance of adding a new Disadvantage
— Each Disadvantage adds a fixed bonus to the item’s Budget
* Once the final Budget is known:
— The higher the Budget, the greater the chance of generating Named Items
— The higher the Budget, the more Item Properties will be added
* Finally, the Budget is spent to add Item Properties to the item

Named Items
* There are 12 “packages” of Item Properties.
* Each Package contains a group of properties fitting a purpose or a theme
* Each package is associated with a Name Prefix
* Each package is associated with a Name Suffix
* Items can be generated as:
— Unnamed (random properties)
— Prefix Only (some properties from one package, some random)
— Suffix Only (some properties from one package, some random)
— Prefix and Suffix (some properties from one package, some from a different package)

Shame Itemization Upgrade - Name Prefixes and Suffixes

Mightyof VitalityStrength and HIt Point
Mysticof SorceryIntelligence and Mana
Animagedof HasteDex, Stamina, and Speed
Arcaneof WizardrySpell casting modifiers
Exquisiteof QualityItem Quality / Durability
Vampiricof the VampireLeeches and Drains
Invigoratingof RestorationRegeneration (incl. damage eaters)
Fortifiedof DefenseDamage avoidance
Auspiciousof FortuneLuck
Charmedof AlchemyEnhance Potions (incl. Balanced)
Viciousof SlaughterDealing Damage (incl. Slayers)
Toweringof AegisMitigating damage taken (incl. resists)

Example Items
The Ring is free of disadvantages. The Bracelet is Cursed, which boosts its Item Property strength up to “Greater Magic Item”.

Bug Fixes
* Then a pitcher is filled from a barrel it will no longer have 5 counts of water it will now have 40.
* Fixed the issue with TC1 not linking to Ter Mur when wiped
* Bird and Bovine slayers should now be factored in imbuing and insurance
* You can no longer dye toggled quest items
* Thunderstorm spell should now show the correct effect
* Bladeweave will no longer function on non bleedable creatures
* Removed Double strike from the list of bladeweave attack options
* Added extra weight to liquor barrels which contains liquor.
* Even if players are on 2 or more NPE skill gain quests and complete one of them, the buff icon no longer disappear.
* Hired NPCs no longer vanish randomly.
* Fix a bug that players couldn’t re-fill a pot of eggnog.

Legacy client 7.0.19
* Cliloc Changes
* Players have the ability to ignore other players in Global Chat, this ignore affects Global chat only.

Enhanced Client 4.0.19
* Cliloc Changes
* Players have the ability to ignore other players in Global Chat, this ignore affects Global chat only.

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