Ultima Online Video House of Commons and Publish 70

Information about the UO Video House of Commons that is set to take place tomorrow, has been posted.

Ultima Online Video House of Commons
March 1st, 2011
7pm Eastern, 6pm Central, 4pm Pacific

Topics to be discussed:
* Follow up to last week’s Dev Video Diary (Full story with transcript)
* Current story arc (In the Shadow of Virtue) and events
* Publish 70
* Restoration of Magincia
* Concept of player-driven towns

Video streaming information will be provided at a later time.


Cal Talks About Classic Shard, UO Developer Video Diary, Announces Video House of Commons for March 1st, 2011

If you are curious about the long-desired Ultima Online developer video diary that was first mentioned back in December, the one that was originally planned to be shown back in January, we have a lot more information. We have a long-delayed answer to the question of a so-called “Classic Shard”, and the answer is, not right now. We also have a reference to some major thing or things that happened between January 3rd and late February. Cal also mentions that the video is still coming.

To see these comments in their full context, as well as all of Cal’s comments, please read the the full UO.Stratics thread.

Here are the comments from Cal Crowner, the UO Producer, to start the thread off:

Yes, it’s done. So why isn’t it out? The answer to a “Why” question at the Academy is “No Excuse.” So let’s just go with that.

The intent was to frame several subjects about what we are doing for the remainder of the year in a few short minutes. Between editing and all the things that have happened between January 3rd and now, the answers have not changed, but the method in which we broadcast has many times.

Anyway, you are only waiting for one answer so here I am with flame-retardant mutant suit to field questions and avoid pitchforks.

The answer is: not right now.

In constant review of the threads and other fansites that cater to Ultima Online, we realized that the classic shard comes down to a checklist. It becomes about if you have X rules then this is what a classic shard is. The problem with this is, when working inside this constraint it’s impossible to please everyone.

Also, we DID look into the possibilities of different rulesets and took a look at what had been done in the past, and there was no viable answer that works for everyone.

Finally, it’s about opportunity cost. The more resources and time we spend on developing a classic shard… that is ONE single shard, that means other things get neglected. It would be many months of work at the expense of the wider game.

We are planning a Video House of Commons for next Tuesday, March 1st to field any questions about the coming months, Magincia as a player-driven town, Spring Cleaning, faster/simpler story arcs, arenas, UOgamecode store, shard hardware, and other topics of note.

The reason I did not want to put this in writing is because it doesn’t allow you to “see” how we feel about the game, and this answer is only part of what we want to do with Ultima Online.

Well, there you go. Have at it.

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