Clean Up Britannia Program 2011

By the way, it’s snowing on the test center, while I was checking things in the Classic Client, I should fire up the EC as well. On with the post, as a brief follow-up to the UO Pub 72 details, here are some of the items I directly saw available from the Cleanup Officer:

1,000 Points – Robes
* Humans and Elves are our friends
* Gargoyles are our friends
* We are pirates
* Follower of Bane
* Queen Dawn Forever

5,000 Points
* Lily Pad (decor – housing) (see picture at the top right)
* Lily Pads (decor – housing)
* Nocturne Earrings (Night Sight)

10,000 Points
* Sherry the Mouse Statue
* Chaos Tile Deed
* Honesty Virtue Tile Deed
* Compassion ”
* Justice ”
* Valor ”
* Spirituality ”
* Honor ”
* Humility ”
* Sacrifice

15,000 Points
* Yucca (plant)
* Table Lamp
* Bamboo (plant)

20,000 Points
* Horse Barding
* Scroll of Alacrity
* Snake Skin Boots (poison resist 2%)
* Boots of the Lava Lizard (fire resist 2%)
* Boots of the Ice Wyrm (cold resist 2%)
* Boots of the Crystal Hydra (Energy Resist 2%)
* Boots of the Thrasher (physical resist 2%)

50,000 Points
* Sophisticaed Elven Tapestry
* Ornate Elven Tapestry
* Chest of Drawers
* Footed Chest of Drawers
* Dragon Head
* Nest with Eggs

75,000 Points
* Giant Toad Costume
* Zombie Costume
* Fire Pit

80,000 Points
* Beehive
* Archery Butte

More 10,000 Point Items (armor/clothing)
* Knight’s Close Helm (Replica)
* Knight’s Norse Helm (Replica)
* Knight’s Plate Helm (Replica)
* And a whole lot more armor/clothing

150,000 Points
* Etoile Bleue (Luck 150, Faster casting and recovery 1)
* Novo Bleue (same as

* Bunch of Gargoyle Fishing items at 50,000
* Plus Bestial Armor set for Gargoyles

And finally, an item bless dead for 50,000 points. This one will cause controversy.

I have a feeling there are still items yet to be added and that the points will be moved up or down in value. Yes, some of those items are new, including some of the deco items, while others are from the 2008 cleanup. It doesn’t bother me either way. I did have a stranglehold on the archery butte supply on Lake Superior (up to 11 now), but that’s okay, hopefully it will inspire others to create archery ranges.

Pinco has graciously put up a video showing off the Mannequin and Virtue Tapestries from the Anniversary gifts:

And if anybody is curious about the Honest Virtue mini-quests, the Lost and Found boxes are already in place, as you can see in the image to the right.

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