Event: April 9-11 Rares Fest on Lake Superior

Mark your calendars for April 9-11, 2011, there will be a Rares Fest hosted on Lake Superior, and the theme is Spring.

* Relay race from Britain to Skara Brae, consistent of teams of four, passing off batons with huge rewards
* Wabbit Race at the Yew racetrack in Trammel. 3 laps around.
* Antique Roadshow where you can have items appraised, and perhaps learn a little about them
* Vendor Contests – best dressed for spring.
* Raffles of 3 items – Singing Ball, Ruby Encrusted Ratman Wand, and a Mercenary Breastplate
* Silent Auction
* Other contests and giveaways

There is also work being done with local auction houses and the Lake Superior EMs.

For more information, including contact information, please see this Stratics thread

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