UO Player-Run Establishments – Spotlight

March 2012 – All of this outdated stuff is being moved to another UO project. Shhhhh….

To see our current list of establishments that we’ve put in the spotlight, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

Circa 2003, UO.com used to highlight player-run establishments, whether they were places of shopping or inns or guild halls. We want to do something like that – it was a very unique thing at the time, and it’s still one of those things that is unique to UO – not many MMORPGs allow you to build a house of your own style and decorate it how you want.

UO.com had a very good description of why they should be highlighted:

Player-run establishments such as towns, taverns, theater troupes, schools, and training centers are a unique and important part of the Ultima Online community. These establishments are often the result of hundreds of hours of effort by their creators, including the tasks of securing a house or houses, decorating, staffing, rehearsing, and planning events. The end result can be a great reward to both owners and visitors alike.

There are a great many establishments that enrich the land of Britannia, and we’re honored to showcase these unique and interesting locations.

How do you go about getting your establishment spotlighted on UOJournal.com?

Contact us using one of the following means:
* UOJournal.com Contact Page
* ICQ: 635586986
* Email (preferred): uojournal @ gmail.com

Provide the following information:
1) Name of your establishment
2) Location: Shard, Facet, Map Coordinates
3) A screenshot if possible
4) The best times you are available if you’d like to meet in-game (Not required)
5) If you can, fill out the Player-Run Establishment Questionnaire that we’ve put together. We’d still like to talk to you about it, but we’d like you to know what questions to be prepared for. We don’t want to subject anybody to anything like we did with our first spotlight. There is a possibility that we might ask about topical/ongoing events that are important to UO. Keep in mind you are more than free to not answer any particular questions you don’t want to!

Also note: Establishments must be open to the public, so that we can enter and take screenshots of them for UOJournal.com.

ShardFacetCoordinatesEstablishment NameTypeYears of Existence
Lake SuperiorTrammel90.10′N 59.45′EWindamere KeepVendor Shop1.5 Years