New QA5 Series for the UO Developers

There is a new series of short interviews/questions asked of the UO team that has been posted on Stratics.

First up is Bonnie “Mesanna” Armstrong who is UO’s Associate Producer and head of the EMs, and here’s the first question:

For those of us who don’t know, what has your “career track” been with the gaming industry?

I started in 1999 working for Origin as an External Test Lead when we were allowed to have volunteers with approx 20 testing volunteers. Origin then built a structured team with 10 testers and myself. I worked as a Contracted External Lead over the external testing program for years, then I was hired full time in QA after UO was moved to San Francisco. When UO moved to Virginia, I was offered a different position as associate producer so I packed my bags and left San Diego and moved to Virginia with the team.

Now then, reading through the discussion thread on the issue, it has been clarified that this is NOT the official discussion of the game, this is about the developers themselves. A few Stratics’ posters were concerned that this was going to be the communication about the game, and raised the issue that this is more about the UO team members than the game itself.

Source: UO Herald
Read: Stratics

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