Story: Demise of the Defiler

Yesterday, we got a large update on the Stygian Abyss-related storyline that is focused on the Gargoyle Queen Zhah. For a little more on Zhah, see the UO Guide entry for Zhah.

Below is a brief excerpt.

Written by Vincent Hatcher

It had all come down to this.

Zhah took a deep breath and reached into the pouch at her side. Pulling out a bottle, she stared at the dark, murky liquid within. It looked as disgusting as it smelled and, undoubtedly, would probably taste the same. The various components they had mixed during the empowerment ritual had created the substance and, if the ancient documents were true, it would grant her enough temporary power to destroy the Defiler’s protective poison shield.

Steeling herself, she popped the cork held the bottle up to her lips, drinking deeply. The potion was vile, and her initial reaction was to vomit. But she drank it all, dropping the bottle to the ground. Warmth flowed through her body as the potion began to take effect. She felt stronger, almost intoxicated, as power coursed through her very being.

It was time.

Stepping forward, she raised her staff, pointing it towards the imprisoned Defiler. The small army of adventurers that had chosen to stand and fight beside her tensed in unison, preparing for battle.

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