Stratics – Publish 71 Content Contest

UO Stratics announced a few days ago, a new video contest. It’s focused on Ultima Online Publish 71 additions. It’s only fitting – Publish 71 is one of the more larger/memorable publishes in recent history that wasn’t tied to a specific add-on/booster pack. It’s also a good (hopefully) indication of which way UO is headed – more bug fixes, more tweaks to existing content and issues, and building up of existing content.

Anyway, here are the brief rules for the Publish 71 Content Contest
* Must be tutorial-style video
* Must be at least 5 minutes long
* Must abide by YouTube and Stratics Rules of Conduct
* Must be based on Publish 71 focused content

1st Place: 30 Days Gametime
2nd Place: Grand Bazaar Code
3rd Place: High Seas Booster

You do need to have a Stratics account to view the FAQ mentioned below.

Brief Rules: UHall/Announcements
Full rules/FAQ: UO Stratics

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