Who are we and Where are we?

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“Deckard” – I’m the admin and techie. I’ve been playing Ultima Online almost continously since 1997, with breaks here and there, with my last ending in the fall of 2010. I will be introducing myself more fully at a later date, as will Tim. If you see a video recorded by us, it’s probably me doing the video.
Shards played: Great Lakes, Lake Superior, Siege Perilous, Europa
Where do I reside now? Lake Superior, near Skara Brae (Tram). More on this in a later post. For the most part, if you see a Deckard running around on a beetle, that’s probably me, especially in Skara Brae or Delucia, and especially around the blacksmith shops. I also hang out at the Brit Forge. I have nothing to do with the NPC on Atlantic. I also go by Sundance – if you see a half-naked guy running around with a bandanna, that’s probably me. That’s sometimes my “reporting” persona, specifically for those occasions where I will probably be seeing a black and white screen…

Contact information:
635586986 on Ye Olde ICQ, (somebody accidentally pasted my ICQ into their profile or sig on Stratics instead of their own – I am NOT that person, as I haven’t posted on Stratics in the past year, so please stop with the angry comments!)
News, pictures, etc., uojournal @ gmail.com

Tim/Hermes – Reporter, commentator
Shards played: Atlantic, Siege Perilous, Pacific
Where do I reside now? Mostly Atlantic, although you’ll see me on LS occasionally as Hermes in the Skara Brae area.

Where are we?
The in-game Lake Superior offices of UOJournal.com are located just outside of Skara Brae (Trammel) on the mainland:

The in-game Atlantic offices of UOJournal.com are located inside the West Britain Bank (for now).

Stop by and say hello, or leave a note on the bulletin board or a book in the mailbox if you’d like to get in touch with us in-game.

Note: February 26, Images temporarily disabled due to the move, but will soon be back up!