History of Ultima Online Journal

There actually is a long history of sorts. We were both involved in past UO fansites prior to 2003-2004, both as creators and participants. Those sites have long ceased to exist or were handed off to other people. There was discussion of resurrecting one as we still have the domain name and content, but ultimately it was agreed upon to start clean, since UOJournal.com would be different than either of the previous sites we worked with. The other has been handled admirably by the person it was handed off to, and still exists. We are not going to mention either, as we do not wish to overshadow the current one. We have been in contact with the current owner and explained what we are planning on. We briefly discussed working with that current site, but it has an established identity and this project is something new.

To put it another way, we think UOJournal.com should stand on its own.

As for the actual UOJournal.com website, officially it went live on Friday, February 25, 2011 as UOJournal.com. Unofficially it has been around since November of 2010, as a private blog on another website. For the full story behind that, please see The Official Launch of the Ultima Online Journal.

So What is the Inspiration for UOJ?

Once upon a time, there was a website, UO.com, with a section called the Britannia News Network, which was formerly known as the Town Cryer. It was formed in response to the ‘Crisis in Britannia’ concerning the ongoing monster attacks and invasions from early 2000 and it was in part, launched with the following information:

Welcome to the Britannia News Network – “All the news from Britain to Yew”

Your only source for up-to-the-minute coverage of breaking news and events in Britannia.

The Britannian News Network was formed to provide quality news coverage of events unfolding in the current ‘Crisis in Britannia’ and beyond. Our journalists bravely venture forth, under harrowing conditions, to bring you field reports and interviews with the key figures in this terrible confrontation that is currently dividing our country.

Led by respected anchorman, Bundor Bard, the BNN Team will bring you regular updates on the ‘Crisis in Britannia’. The BNN Team brings years of collective, professional broadcast experience to the network and includes such notables as:

BNN Anchorman, Bundor Bard
Hailing from the forests north of Trinsic, Bundor Bard began his career as an apprentice Town Cryer. His many years of crying out the news of the land has earned him several awards, and given him a remarkable ability to remain calm under pressure.

BNN War Reporter, Drenon Quick
Drenon was raised in the streets of Buccaneer’s Den, where at an early age he honed the combat skills that have made him BNN’s prize-winning War Reporter. Armed with his wits and nerves of steel, Drenon has never hesitated to venture behind enemy lines in pursuit of news.

BNN Junior Anchorman, Matthew
Matthew joins us straight from his apprentice days at the Mid-Sosaria Broadcast Company (MSBC). After a long and successful run; covering invasions, upheavals, and chaos throughout the lands, an unfortunate and sudden injury required he retire from field reporting. Matthew has excelled in his capacity as Junior Anchor, always willing and ready to present breaking news at any moment.

The Britannia News Network will continue to provide news coverage of breaking events in this time of trial. The BNN news feed is available here, and only here, so stop back often for important updates!

Obviously it still exists, in part, through the official website, UOHerald.com. Much has changed in the 11 years since that time.