About Ultima Online

March 2012 – All of this is being moved to another UO site. Shhhhh….

Where do we start when discussing Ultima Online.

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Common Abbreviations used at UOJournal.com
* CC = Classic Client, the client that early UO players are familiar with. Aka the Legacy Client.
* EC = Enhanced Client, the Gamebryo (Wikipedia) based client that is shared with Dark Age of Camelot, and is highly customizable. This is the “modern” client, and is the replacement for the Kingdom Reborn client.
* EM = EMs, Event Moderators, the guys and gals running the special events on many of the shards.

UO Developers and Production Team as of February, 2011
* Calvin Crowner, “Cal” “Uriah”, UO Producer
* Bonnie Armstrong, “Mesanna” UO Associate Producer and head of EMs (Event Moderators)
* Derek Brinkman, “Supreem”, UO Lead Engineer
These members of the UO team are mentioned here (and others will be added) so that when we use an alias, you’ll know who we are talking about.