Ultima Online – Holiday Update From the Producer

Calvin Crowner, the producer of Ultima Online, has posted a Producer Holiday Update to the UO Herald. Before everyone heads off to face Independence Day traffic, I wanted to give you all an update. Our overall goal this year was … Continue reading

Origin gets Publish 70.4, Theme Packs

Yesterday, Origin received Publish 70.4, which includes the new Mini Booster Packs / Theme Packs: Today Publish 70.4 comes to the Origin shard along with the Enhance Client Patch and the Classic Client Patch The shard will be … Continue reading

The Future of UO – April 2011 Edition

First off, there will be spoilers, but not to the point of me digging around in client patches. Any spoilers you see below were mentioned in the Producer’s Letter. I’m saving my thoughts about New Magincia for another post, but … Continue reading

Ultima Online Client Patches and (Spoilers)

Kai Schober has posted the following to UOHerald.com in regards to new patches that were rolled out this afternoon. Greetings, We delivered a new client on the patcher today at 2 pm EDT – Classic Client and Enhanced Client … Continue reading