Publish 70 Test Delayed One Day, Blue Crystal Owners Happy

So the plan was to roll out the Publish 70/New Magincia to the Test Center tomorrow, using a backup of Great Lakes. That’s been pushed out a day to Thursday, March 17, 2011, however blue crystal owners rejoice, they will … Continue reading

Publish 70, New Magincia Lottery, on Test Center this Wednesday.

Update: The test has been pushed back to Thursday, however a use for blue crystals is being implemented. Calvin Crowner, the producer of UO, has posted this late bit of breaking news. Ultima Online Publish 70, which should go a … Continue reading

Ultima Online Publish 69.7 and Client and

Rowland Cox made this announcement earlier today on about Publish 69.7 as well as the client updates. This publish and the client updates revolve around the rebuilding of Magincia and possibly the upcoming mini booster pack. It is our … Continue reading

Next Booster Pack = Magincia, Plus the Magincia Bazaar

Last week I speculated that maybe the next booster pack would be the graphics update, ala Kingdom Reborn. I said it’s just speculation, and it turned out to be just that. Tonight the Classic Client was updated to version … Continue reading