UO Herald: The Yew Times – A Newspaper for Sosaria

A new feature has started up on the UO website, “The Yew Times – A Newspaper for Sosaria”, and it’s quite humorous. I’m not going to repeat the entire edition – you can find the link and a few examples below.

It is nice to see this kind of thing – it may seem like a small thing, but it’s one of those things that helps flesh out the UO world and community.

Examples – Articles:

Accidental Tourist Takes Trip to Distant Lands
The mystery of items disappearing from containers may finally be resolved. Dread Lord Popeye reported that he had been consistently experiencing missing items from his home and pinpointed the loss to an armoir on an upper floor of his tower. While further investigating, he somehow passed through the back of the armoir into a snowy landscape, where he soon encountered, in his own words “a female RPer Ice-queen and a midget in a sled” who tried to alternately bribe him with candy and intimidate him. Popeye claimed that he became suspicious of their behavior and insisted upon searching the back of the sleigh for his missing belongings, causing the “midget” to issue threats and becoming quite annoying. Lord Popeye was disappointed that it only took two flamestrikes to take out the both of them, and that his belongings were nowhere to be found. Popeye pointed out that if lightweight RPers are going to play by Fel rules, they should have at least some decent gear.

Examples – the Horoscope:

The Peddler-January
Good luck is on your side today, because you’re tapped into a sense of higher purpose… jacking up the prices on your Luna vendors.

The Mongbat-February
People will be watching you more in the following days…most often at the bank..pointing at your crappy armor.

The Phoenix-March
Remember. Others admire a person who is straightforward and genuine. Work on faking those qualities and you’ll earn tons of respect.

The Sea Dragon-April
Today is a good time to be bold and take chances. See that thing over there? Go poke it with a stick.

The Hermit-May
Try to make it a point to improve your memory skills or write things down more often. All your plants are dead.

Full Article: The Yew Times – A Newspaper for Sosaria

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