UO to be Featured in Massively’s Rise and Shiny Recap

Ultima Online is going to be featured in this week’s Rise and Shiny Recap at Massively, which will actually be posted next Sunday. Beau Hindman explains his Rise and Shiny Recap column below in a comment he made here, as well as the account problems I mentioned in yesterday’s post:

Thanks for the tweet. Actually, I did gain access to my old UO account, but by a player’s help. Mythic has still not returned my emails. I will save the details for my Rise and Shiny write up that comes out on Sunday. (I play a game for around 5 days or 10 hours and explain my first impressions. NOT a review. In some cases I just like to go back and check in on old classics.)

Anyway, we love UO on the site, and I even streamed it yesterday. I will show the clip on my youtube channel later.

Anyway, see you in game. Normally I am on the Great Lakes server. This week I am playing on a character named Beauhindman there, since I had to get a trial account to gain access. See ya in game!


This is good publicity for UO. It’s an interesting time for UO seeing as how UO is in the midst of a graphics update as well as a new producer taking the helm.

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