Pinco’s UI for UO’s Enhanced Client – Two Guides for Hotbars and Agents

Those of you using Ultima Online’s Enhanced Client should be familiar with Pinco’s UI (User Interface). If you are not, make yourself familiar with it! Now! It makes certain aspects of the Enhanced Client enjoyable, similar to UO Assist for the Classic Client.

He has put together two very detailed guides to certain parts of his interface. One covering Hotbars, which are flexible/customizable bars that you can use for all kinds of things.

The other is for agents, and it’s very useful for those who grew accustomed to UO Assist. Agents include Organizers – moving items from one container to another, undressing – moving items from your character to a contain, restocking which is exactly what it sounds like. There are also automatic buy and sell agents.

Links to Pinco’s Work
* Download Pinco’s UI
* Hotbars – Full Guide
* Agents – Full Guide
* Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
* Support forum