UO’s 14th Birthday or Anniversary

Today is UO’s 14th Birthday, or Anniversary if you prefer. Either way, it’s been 14 years. By the way, yesterday was UO Forums 9th Anniversary

Last week I started a series celebrating that, and tomorrow I’m picking up where I left off, and by the way, this series will continue into October:
UO: The Charter Edition
* UO Between 1997 and 1998
* UO: The Second Age
* Remember Enchantress Emily?

Jeff Skalski, Producer of the Ultima Franchise, had this to say:

Just over 14 yrs ago the world was introduced 2 the term MMORPG. Much respect 2 Origin 4 opening up this space & happy 14th anniversary

Now I could write a bunch of lofty sentences about the impact of UO on the gaming world, or refer you to the discussions going on at UO Forums and UO.Stratics.com, but I think instead we should all join in on the huge celebration happening on the two official UO websites:

* UO Herald
* Ultima Online official Facebook page

Prepare to spend a lot of time on those two pages reading statements from EA and BioWare celebrating UO’s history as well as hearing from the BioWare Mythic community team. From the statements and posts on those two websites, you’ll get a good sense of the respect that UO earned over the years.