Account Management Problems = New Dyes

From the UO Herald, it would seem that they want to give us some gifts in light of the account management problems and everything else that has happened.

In earnest appreciation for your continuous support through the last few weeks we would like to offer a gift of compassion to all our players. Below is a sneak peak of what’s to come.

By the end of next week when you log in you will receive one of four new special dyes that we have made for this occasion. You will only receive one dye per account per shard (trial accounts are excluded). These dyes function the same as Tokuno Dyes in that they can be used to tint artifacts and special material items. They come in four different colors:

Slate Blue
Hunter Green
Phoenix Red

Have a great weekend!

The UO Team

Compassion Gifts from Ultima Online (Click for Larger Version)

I would be more interested in the high resolution artwork.

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